Cloud – Yearly Support and Cloud Renewal (per access point)

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Access Networks Cloud is an entirely new way to manage access points and  wireless deployments. Built on Ruckus’ Virtual Smart Zone platform, Access Networks Cloud will allow easy deployment of access points to any site without the need for a hardware based wireless controller.

Once provisioned on site, the access points will connect and be managed by the single-login Access Networks Cloud for a seamless client experience and ongoing configuration changes, troubleshooting, or feature support.


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Adding access points to the Access Networks Cloud is a snap:

  • Simply purchase any Access Networks Cloud provisioned access point model
  • Using a simple app, scan the bar code and associate it to either a newly created zone or one previously configured for the  project.

The now provisioned and configured access point will begin using Access Networks Cloud for all of its management and performance settings.


  • Built on Ruckus vSZ platform
  • Lower entry cost for smaller deployments
  • Logical step between Unleashed and hardware on site (such as a ZoneDirector.)
  • Single pane of glass for all deployments
  • Easily create new sites and add access points via an app


  • Works with any Cloud provisioned AN/Ruckus access point
  • One year or multiple years may be purchased at a time
  • Possible option for Core in the future
  • Hardware support will follow manufacturer hardware warranty
  • Support will be active while Cloud subscription is current
  • Access points go into autonomous mode if Cloud is disconnected

When compared to a hardware based wireless controller deployment, such as a ZoneDirector, Access Networks Cloud provides a lower cost of entry for both the dealer and end-user. Creating and deploying a site in the cloud will require the minimum purchase of a license and 1-year of support per access point. The cost is the same no matter which access point is chosen and the license for each access point only needs to be purchased one time.

After the 1st year, support for each active access point will need to be renewed on a yearly basis to make sure all functionality and features stay intact. If support lapses at any time, the Access Networks Cloud will sever its management connection to the access point which will switch into autonomous mode, creating an uncontrolled environment. Multi-year support renewals are available for any site where the upfront cost is not an issue and a “set it and forget it” solution is needed.

Access Networks Cloud is recommended for smaller sites of 1-6 access points or where an integration company is looking to manage all sites through  a single pane of glass in a very cookie cutter way.  Beyond 6 access points, a hardware based wireless controller is recommended to provide the highest level of performance and control on those larger scale  projects.


Access Networks Cloud is supported by our team of Ruckus certified engineers and includes day-one support, setup assistance, site optimization, troubleshooting and advanced hardware replacement with standard ground shipping.  Expedited shipping can be provided for an additional cost.  Access Networks Cloud support is offered during our normal support hours.

All Access Networks wireless products feature a 4 year hardware warranty with 1st year advanced replacement, years 2-4 are standard replacement.