Access Point Enclosure New Construction Rough-in Bracket – Pack of 5

MSRP: $100.00
You save 50%


New construction rough-in bracket for our new proprietary access point enclosure. Includes plastic wings for precise placement during pre-wire installation phase.


  • Round and square white paintable cover options to match the chosen aesthetic.
  • Four keystone knock-outs for the most popular brands to allow incoming category cable connections as well as utilizing the internal switch of most Ruckus access points.


Easy to Install

  • Available new-construction ring for proper placement before drywall.
  • Side vents to keep the heat rising out of the enclosure but attic dust and insulation intrusion to a minimum.
  • Allows installation of an access point in the best possible location.
  • Magnetic cover for quick and easy access to the access point for service or upgrades.



  • Specifically designed for the Ruckus R310 and R510 series of access points.
  • Can be used with any brand access point that will fit.
  • Convenient embossments for easy mounting of Ruckus access points. Embossments also have zip-tie pass-through to mount anything that will fit in the enclosure.


Built to Last

  • Great holding power with large screws and solid dog ears that are retained in the enclosure so they don’t fall out.
  • Peace of mind knowing the access point is in a secure location so it can’t be inadvertently disconnected.