What Our Clients Say

  • "I've been in the custom integration business for 30 years and nobody has been able to execute the network as successfully as Access Networks. Their quality of service, support and products are unmatched."

    Jay Bakaler | Founder | Metro Eighteen

  • "The level of support that the Access Networks tech team provides has been nothing but exemplary in my experience."

    Mark Hudinski | System Engineer | Evolved Home, Inc.

  • "The dependability of custom tailored solutions from Access Networks allows us the predictability of success."

    Dennis Jacques | Principal | Maverick Integration

  • "We have repeatedly been impressed with the robust and stable foundation the Access Unity Network provides our dealers and their Savant deployments."

    Bob Ross | Director of Business Development | Savant

  • "Access Networks' promise of a powerful, pre-programmed, plug-and-play networking solution is real. The project implementation has exceeded my expectations."

    EJ Feulner | President | Elite Home Technologies

  • "Success comes easy when clients can quickly experience the tremendous benefit of owning an enterprise-grade residential network."

    Jeffrey Bartlett | Vice President| Monarch Coast Solutions, LTD.

  • "As the automated home increasingly becomes connected by IP-enabled technologies, the network becomes a critical infrastructure. Crestron is proud to have Access Networks as an Integrated Partner to deliver outstanding networking solutions for Crestron environments."

    Steve Samson | Director Business Development | Crestron

  • "Access Networks has a keen understanding of the IT world, network security, and the convergence between IT and AV in our ever-increasing connected world."

    Robert Kranson | Founder | Axiom Design

  • "Access Networks is a great example of a key partner who delivers value through creative solutions, incredible support and a wicked-smart staff.  They have proven to be a great resource for us, and I recommend them to any progressive integration company."

    Matt Bernath | Founder & CEO | Surreal Systems

  • "Because of Access Networks, we can deploy the best network, the best in class solution and have support staff around the clock. Together, we provide a collective solution- our clients know us as one team, one experience. They get a top-notch service and a top-notch network."

    Bill Charney | Owner | Advanced Home Audio, Inc.

  • "Any turnkey solutions that reduces the load on our staff makes us more efficient. The products and service offered by Access Networks are a brilliant example of this. Access Networks is our IT department. They allow us to specialize in the host automation systems that we enjoy without having to worry about the critical network configuration issues that drive everything."

    Ron Rosalsky | Partner | Intra Home Systems, LLC

  • "My wish is for other integrators to recognize and experience the money that can be made and the time that can be saved when you have a reliable foundation for the technology being installed. Thank you Access Networks!"

    Troy Morgan | President | PanTech Design

  • "Access Networks is my go-to recommendation for our dealers when they need to deploy high performance and reliable networks. Their expertise has led to very happy customers."

    Ryan Donaher | National Sales Manager | Meridian America, Inc.

  • "What Access Networks offers the residential space is innovative. Their track record of delivering high quality systems and outstanding service to the CE community made our decision to partner with Access an easy one."

    Ron Gill | Director of North American Sales | Ruckus Wireless

  • "It's the whole thing: the time you save, the visibility and the support. We are very network savvy, but we don't have to be network experts. That's what we have you guys for… It's worth its weight in gold."

    Brian Gibson | President | Elite Media Solutions

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